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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 27, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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because one of the girls had a grudge against him after he threatened to discipline her. lanigan said it destroyed his life. >> it still hasn't sunk in yet. my wife and i and my daughters, we have been living in a living hell for four or five months. i'm not sure that i can stand i'm a free man for several more days. >> we don't think there was ever a case. this was an incomplete investigation in which charges were ramrodded. there was tunnel vision by the school system, the police department. >> reporter: now, jurors today made a point of going up to lanigan saying they didn't think the prosecution had a case. as far as getting his job back, shawn lanigan wants to go back tomorrow. fairfax schools says not so fast. despite what the court said they must conduct their own investigation. live in fairfax county, roby
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chavez. a spotsylvania man has been set free after investigators say he was falsely accused of trying to kidnap a child. a boy lead his mother to rice's house saying the truck in the driveway was the one his attempted abductor was in. now investigators say the truck didn't even belong to rice. >> the date in question, he did not, in fact, have any contact with the child. in fact, another man is the one that had a conversation with the child. >> that man was a contractor. all he had done was to see if the boy was okay after he had fallen off his scooter. list was sent home with an apology from the sheriff's office. developing news on how much you will have to pay to ride metro. late this afternoon, the board voted to approve a fare hike. john henrehan live at metro headquarters with the details. what are we talking about here. >> reporter: some of the fare hikes were expected, some are new today.
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there was a lot of horse trading going on among the members of the board. the pressure on members of the board was tremendous. during the recession, ridership softened while costs went up. the deficit for next year is $189 million. who should pay more, bus riders whose fares are lower than other big cities or rail riders who generally pay more than other cities. the previous plan raised fares in all directions including parking rates and cut some rail and bus service. after three hours of caucusing behind closed doors. the board announced planned service cuts were off the table >> we he heard loud and clear that our riders don't want service cuts. so, no, it's not the ideal but it's something that is workable. >> reporter: board member was referring to the public hearings where many people came out and said don't reduce our service if you have to raise
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fares. no service cuts on rail or bus. late night trains will run. you will pay a premium for trains after midnight friday and saturday. rail fares in general up 15% plus, this is new today, a nickel boarding charge for every rail trip. maximum rail fares were 4.50. they go to $5. parking in metro lots, no increase. bus fares up 20% in the future. the basic charge will be 1.50 a trip. if you use cash to ride a bus, today paw a 10-cent surcharge. in the future, 20 cents. all of the fare hikes go into effect on or about july 1st. >> like the phone bill these days. john henrehan reporting live. you may have noticed beefed up security today. metro trains and police teamed up with other agencies for extra patrols during the afternoon rush. at union station, they worked with pentagon police.
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it was part of an operation taking place from maine to virginia to help agencies work together. the storm force is firing up max hd radar. a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. we could get storms rolling through the area. gary mcgrady watching them on the radar >> the severe threat will probably be 7:30 to 10:30. we have to wait on that. what we are getting right now, garden variety thunderstorms, very heavy rain. max hd will show you, this is what we have been watching the last hour now. the thunderstorms have been going up. one is south of alexandria. that is trying to come down a little bit in intensity. this is just to the west of rockville, south of gaithersburg. this is a very strong thunderstorm with a lot of rain. not necessarily in garden town
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or rocco. north potomac you are getting heavy rain. as we put this in motion, it doesn't move at all. the rain rate on this thunderstorm is very, very strong. it's up to 4 inches per hour in the core of that. so, it's sitting there for about 20 to 30 minutes now. so, very, very heavy rain there between rockville and north potomac getting heavy rain as well. not really moving, just sitting there. we mentioned the thunderstorm watch. this will go until 9:00 tonight. after 7:00, 7:30, something like that, the atmosphere becomes more conducive for some of these thunderstorms to go strong and severe. so, we have to watch that for now. down here watching the thunderstorms and watching the heavy rain, brian. >> thanks, gary. 38 days after it all began. government scientists deliver sobering but not unexpected news. this is the worst oil spill in
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american history. here in washington, three major developments in response to the disaster in the gulf. here is the run down. president obama canceled plans to sell offshore drilling sites along virginia's coast. the head of the agency involved in offshore drilling is out. crew members are speaking out. tom fitzgerald is following the development. >> reporter: president obama on defense on how his administration is administering the deep water horizon disaster. >> bp is responsible for disaster. >> reporter: in his longest q and a on the oil spill since it began, he pointed to action that he is taking replacing the head of the government's drilling industry. >> the oil industry's cozy and sometimes corrupt relationship with government regulators meant little or no regulation at all. >> reporter: he tried to knock down charges that his white house is slow to react. >> this notion that the federal government is sitting on the
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sidelines and for the last three or four weeks we have been letting bp make a bunch of decisions is not true. >> reporter: one decision the president announced, he is canceling the sale of several future offshore drilling sites including one off the coast of virginia >> effectively the president has taken off the table, at least temporarily, offshore drilling on the atlantic coast. >> reporter: elsewhere at the capitol, the crew of the team water horizon rig told their story urging congress to make bp pay up. >> i could hear people screaming calling out for help. i was terrified. >> when the company puts their savings over us, they gamble our lives. >> reporter: they are asking if all the talking has done anything to stop it. >> you get to the point where you wonder, is it just not so much of matter of everything being asked but has everyone asked it. >> reporter: the president is frustrated over the
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environmental damage from the spill, he refused to acknowledge any political damage as the disaster drags on. the head of the federal agency that overseas the permitting, there is confusion, even with president obama, over whether she was fired or quit. >> it's summon practice in any presidency that people being replaced are to offer their resignation. the president was coy about why she is out of a job. the president said he learned of the resignation this morning then said he wasn't able to wi ken salazar because he was testifying on capitol hill. it's not surprise birnbaum is out of the job. the president used the word corrupt several times to describe her agency, too cozy with the oil industry that it's supposed to be regulating. a woman stuck on a plane
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all alone hours after it landed. what she is suing the airline for. three major recalls. 
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burial with honor for a marine, nicholas rodriguez at arlington national cemetery. he was shot in the back in afghanistan on may 16th. he is the 26th soldier from the fredricksburg area to die in iraq or afghanistan. this is his second tour of duty. he was scheduled to come home this summer. a woman left alone on a plane after falling asleep on her flight is suing. ginger mcgwire took a nap on the flight from dulles to philly, united airlines flight.
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the plane landed at 12:30 a.m. no one woke her up. a cleaning crew found her asleep at 4:00 in the morning. thousands of state employees in virginia are getting the day off tomorrow unpaid whether they like it or not. former governor tim kaine ordered the budget cutting move last year giving workers a four day holiday weekend. it's estimated to save $17 million. it won't apply to critical personnel like police. the current governor proposed additional furlough days. nothing is final. coming up at 6:00, could criminal penalties be up next.
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the makers of children medicines could be hit with criminal penalties for selling medicine that doesn't meet
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requirements like children's tylenol, motrin, benadryl. melanie alnwick tells us the problems may go deeper than that >> when this recall was issued in april, we had a lot of questions for the fda, there was a larger problem with johnson and johnson. they wouldn't comment but today the deputy commissioner said this is a company that had a major problem with compliance. 136million bottles of children's tylenol, motrin, zyrtec and benadryl were ruled because of metal particles, too much ingredients. lawmakers were told the agency had ongoing concerns about mcneil and johnson and johnson. >> this is the company with a major problems with compliance. it was a problem that crossed different domains, different facilities and was a systematic problem with the company. >> reporter: there were three
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major recalls with mike kneel medicines. the pennsylvania plant had a stepped up inspection schedule because of several violations prior to 2009. >> i think manufacturing problems go, they were serious. >> reporter: he revealed a troubling document related to documents with packages of motrin in 2008. sharp stein says mcneil told fieldworkers to do something else, buy up the product. >> you should act like a regular customer while making the purchases. there must be no mention of a recall of the product. if asked, they are checking the distribution chain of the product and needs to have it purchased for the project. >> reporter: johnson and johnson responded? >> i know nothing about that. i know we were in discussion with the fda in san juan over the product issue and how we planned to handle it.
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>> reporter: fda has not found serious health effects in connection to injection of the medicine but that a company may not be trustworthy is concerning to doctors and patients. >> as with anything. no matter what kind of pediatric recall there is, if it's furniture, if it's medication, in this case, safety is number one priority. >> reporter: the doctor says parents can always choose generic alternatives until they feel comfortable that the company fixed its medicines and its reputation. now, johnson and johnson says it has replaced key personnel in six areas and will deliver a comprehensive plan to the fda july 15th. sharp stein said his agency is considering criminal penalties for mcneil's pattern of noncompliance. >> thank you, melissa. great day to get on a boat and go fishing. these folks were working for a
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different goal. they are getting ready for the maryland fishing challenge. it starts tomorrow through labor day. there are tagged stripped bass out there. one is worth ten grand to the angler that catches it. there are two other chances to win a boat, motor, trailer, other prices including a trip to tobago as well. >> i wouldn't mind trying to throw a line out there. >> what have you got to lose. i understand. we have thunderstorms. as the evening progresses, we should have more and more and probably a little strong by 7:30, 8:00. we will watch that closely. here is max hd radar. hazy this afternoon. temperatures have been up in the lower 90s for just about everybody. on max hd radar, we are watching this shower and thunderstorm complex to the north and west of the city. it's been sitting there a
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while. it looks like it's appearing to be decreasing a little bit in intensity. this is south of gaithersburg on the west side of 270 there. i put a couple of road names on here so you get an idea of where this storm is. it's located between rockville. the pink is indicating heavy rain. this has been sitting here for white a while. it will eventually come down a bit and lose its intensity. i wouldn't be surprised if they get an inch to an inch and a half, approaching 2 inches before it's said and done. we go farther to the north up into carroll county to the north and west of sykesville a little thunderstorm up there. as we bring the picture back out a little bit, this north south line is a bay breeze working from east to west over the last several hours.
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it's cooled down the city quite a bit. temperatures earlier in the lower 90s. now the teams dropped down to the mid- to upper-80s. if you are feeling it, that's what is happening out there. it's getting cooler thanks to the bay. thank the bay for the cooler temperatures late this afternoon. thunderstorm watch in place for everybody. this will go until 9:00 or so. i think about 7:30, 8:00, the atmosphere will be a little more conducive to produce stronger, widespread thunderstorms. we will have heavy rain producing thunderstorms. there is a flash flood watch through late evening. these thunderstorms are producing rain at the rate of 2 to 3 to 4 inches an hour. even at 11:00 we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. temperatures drop tomorrow. spotty shower at 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. temperature of 70 degrees at 8:00 a.m. by noon tomorrow, cooler temperatures and 73 degrees.
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this is futurecast tonight at 10:00. notice the coverage of showers and thunderstorms there. by 10:00, 11:00 it will still be going strong. showers will be to the north of us. we will be in the clouds. tomorrow afternoon more showers and possibly a thunderstorm. that represents about 6:00 tomorrow evening, okay. so, keep that in mind most of the day tomorrow will be dry. a lot of thunderstorm activity back out to the west of us. that is indicative of what we call a disturbance. as that gets closer to us in the next couple of hours, that will kick off more widespread showers and thunderstorms. there is the fox 5 forecast. memorial day is hot. the weekend is not bad. looking better for saturday. >> looking forward to it. >> get golfing in. >> i won't be doing that but i will be out enjoying the weather. >> thanks, gary. at 6:00, a new edition to the redskins defense. how it could be like having another coach on the field.
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greetings, we are a tentative go for stephen strasburg making his major league debut when the nats host pirates. the plan to make an official announcement five or six days before the start. rainy beginning in san francisco. tenth home run of the year. nats jump out on top 1-0. take that, bay area. then josh willingham leading off the second. more rain. nats take a 4-2 lead into the 7th frame. but in the bottom of the 7th, giants have one on and here come two more runs. base hit by freddy sanchez. the lead is gone. it's 5-4 san francisco and we are in the 8th inning. redskins will look
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different and not just with personnel. defense is changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4. that is fine with holiday a 13 year vet signed last week prior to the team's first organized activity. he is 34, played with five teams in 12 seasons. he will play and teach this year >> a lot of these guys have not played in the 3-4 before. a part of my role in this team is to help those guys along, too. so, for me, all i want is that opportunity and i got that opportunity a packed house at rfk to watch a.c. with their multitude of international super stars take on d.c. united. the home team came out hot and nonfriendly. already up 1-0, corner kick. 2-0 united. have you heard of the bicycle kick, few can do it. this is what it loose like. you are upside down, you kick
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it. off the cross bar but a thing of beauty. the final 3-2. >> it's a great win for us. it's an excellent win for mls and it's something that we will use to look at our game for saturday. nba play-offs, magic and celtics. issues with the elbow of dwight howard clocking glenn davis in the face. then issues. he's down. the coach says get up, run big fellow but it was like he had done the hula hoop. he was dizzy. he runs into the arms of the referee. magic win the game to force a game 6 tomorrow night in where davis is questionable after receiving what they are calling a concussion.
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back to strasburg, only one stephen strasburg rookie card. it's on e-bay for 16 grand. there is only one of them and wisdom martin will break down how the guy got it >> he bought it or putting it on e-bay to sell it. >> i think he found it and putting it on e-bay to sell it. >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on showers are out there. some could be severe. keep it here. we will have the latest at 10:00. 
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